Good Evans

A Good Offering

Good Evans offers an elevated menu to the traditional breakfast and lunch offerings. We take great care in the quality of ingredients we use and our made-from-scratch recipes. And we don’t stop at the food! The coffee we use is roasted in-house to keep things fresh. We provide unique and ever-changing bean blends for our customers using beans sourced from all over the world. We take tremendous pride in ensuring our beans are Fair Trade always! It is just the GOOD way to do things. So why the name Good Evans? GOOD EATS   GOOD VIBES   GOOD ATMOSPHERE   GOOD NEIGHBORS   GOOD SERVICE Each of these attributes plays a factor in all the decisions we make, and we aim to be GOOD in every category! We truly believe restaurants can be more than just food and that dining out is a time to be with people, to connect, and to celebrate. Our focus goes beyond food in wanting to create an environment and experience that brings people and communities together. So whether you’re looking for a GOOD cup of coffee or a get together with friends and family, Good Evans is the place to be. LIVE WELL, LOVE WELL, & HAVE A GOOD ONE!