Natural Vapor

Purely Natural IngredientsNaturalVapor

Natural Vapor e-liquids consist of four simple ingredients: water, flavoring, nicotine and VG (vegetable glycerine).

Other e-liquid concoctions rely on PG (propylene glycol), made from propylene oxide – a petroleum by-product. As an additive, PG thins e-liquids to make it easier to vape. The expert mixologists at Natural Vapor have devised a process to thin our e-liquids while keeping them PG-free. Using distilled deionized water, our e-liquids work fantastically in your tank – naturally. At Natural Vapor, we’re committed to providing natural, high quality products to our clients. And we love to vape. We get fired up about new flavors, the latest hardware, and experimenting with all things vapor. We want our customers to get excited too, so stop in and let’s chat! Phone: 402.261.5382